Adopt A Village


  • India has a population of 1.2 billion of which 68% is rural.
  • 77 million Indians lack access to safe drinking water
  • 85% of country is dependent directly on groundwater as its main source of water, yet the Central Ground Water Board estimates that over half of India's groundwater is contaminated with poisonous substances
  • According to World Bank estimates, 21% of communicable diseases in India are related to unsafe water


  • Strategically designed for remote, off-grid locations with central oversight and management.
  • Low-footprint public facing Water ATMs provide 24x7 availability of water at an transparent, affordable price.
  • Continuous monitoring of real time field data and vital process parameters means stakeholders are guaranteed of water quality and project management.
  • Field teams provide business handholding for local entrepreneur, engage community leaders and lead door to door health awareness campaigns.

Sarvajal Impact at the Grassroot Level

  • Villagers have access to drinking water of assured quality
  • Incidences of waterborne disease are reduced as health is improved
  • Changes perception of drinking water and health linkages to create informed consumers
  • Community members, particularly women and children, need not waste time in fetching water from remote sources
  • Families save burdensome cost of healthcare to treat waterborne diseases
  • Work absenteeism due to water related illnesses is reduced
  • Sustainable local jobs are created through Sarvajal’s operation
  • Success of Sarvajal’s work inspires other entrepreneurs to enter the decentralized drinking water sector, bolstering the local market
  • Model is self-sustaining, even after the philanthropic start-up funds expire
  • Invested capital is used judiciously and efficiently to fund a local initiative
  • Provides real time data monitoring services to measure social impact
  • Data driven transparency to the last mile assures optimized productivity of sponsored projects
  • Donors create lasting legacy by investing in long term sustainable ventures with local buy-in
Create access to a Safe Drinking Water for rural India