“The Soochak makes it so easy to operate the machine. It is simple to maintain it and also to contact the company. it keeps the machine in good condition and allows me to use it properly but it also attracts a lot of customers.” - Jitenbhai, franchisee (5 years)
in TajPur, Gujarat


The Soochak is a remote monitoring device which can be mounted on a commercial-scale water purification plant. This patented device captures minute-by-minute machine status on our technology backend and allows Piramal Sarvajal to sustainably bring affordable, safe drinking water to underserved communities in the most far-flung reaches of India. At the same time, it’s touch screen guides local operators on the daily functioning of the plant in the local language.


Real Time Impact Data

Our partners know the social impact they’re creating from transparent data directly from the field

Tracking Vital Process Parameters

Tracking the flow, quality and quantity of water for optimum processing

Plan Proactively

Avoid operational downtime with efficient and proactive maintenance

Operational Oversight

Know the relative performance of different locations and operators for better management insights