Real-Time Impact Data


SEMS is an online platform, developed in-house by a team of Sarvajal software experts, that aggregates and processes data sent from all the water purification and dispensing units.

This allows both Piramal Sarvajal and our Partners to have a unique and detailed insight into the regular functioning of each of our solutions by proving real time data from the field.

By analyzing this data, SEMS can also create alerts according to various in the field activities including remote-controls and boundary triggered auto-controls.


    This data gets reported directly to the pertinent department. Any flags are discovered and addressed in real time by the appropriate Piramal Sarvajal staff to ensure smooth operation on the ground.

Quality Accountability & Operational Transparency

Thanks to Sarvajal’s unique technology we can assure our partners of quality accountability and full operational transparency.

The quality of water you are consuming?

The health status of the installed water infrastructure?

The amount of water being supplied through the water infrastructure?

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